Minning Vinyl with the Crate Diggers

Have you ever wondered what it was that inspired your favourite Hip Hop track. Or maybe you just  wanted to explore the record collections of your favourite DJ/beatmakers. Then Watch this web series called “CRATE DIGGERS”

So far the show features episodes from Marc Ronson, Cut Chemist & Nu Mark, Dan the Automator, Madlid, Mr Scruff, RJD2, QBert, Krafty Kuts, and even a White Stripes Archivist.

Beyond the grave: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Blank on Blank is a fantastic web series from PBS Digital Studios offering advice from well known celebrities beyond the grave.

Amongst others Philip Seymour Hoffman offers wisdom on Happiness. Barry White talks of Love, and Heath Ledger on Role Playing.

Mise En Scène & The Visual Themes of Wes Anderson

For the Wes Anderson film nerds – there are alot of press going around for his upcoming movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel” you can check out some of it at the link below.

The wonderful world of Wes Anderson (via Dazed)

How they put the ‘grand’ into The Grand Budapest Hotel (via Dazed)

Jonathan Glazer Under Your Skin


Jonathan Glazer has directed a fantastically dark advertisement for Cadbury’s Flake recently. It features French actor Dennis Lavant as a leather-clad Satan luring the white nymphs with his devilish chocolate.

Glazer is known for directing the UNKLE – Rabbit in the Headlights clips.


He’s made an absolute gem of a British gangster flick called Sexy Beast starring Ben Kingsley.

As well as the upcoming feature film starring Scarlett Johansson, Under Your Skin